Thursday, July 12, 2012

help you find work

help you find work
our Own Home Business For Only$ 1- Yes Only1 Dollar!!

Join our work from home team, marketing Melaleuca - a company who manufacturers all natural products. Our company is debt free and has been in business since 1985.

We're not others. With our company there is no selling, no inventory cluttering up a room in your house, no home parties and best of all no huge start up fee or start up kit to buy. Perfect for Stay at Home moms!!

your membership is only $1.

Customers get 30-40% off our products ranging from vitamins and supplements, to household cleaners that are safe for children and pets, to personal care products that are better for you. Plus all new customers get $20 each month in free products just for shopping with us from the 2nd to 6th month ... that's $100 in free products!!

you wouldnt have to do the buisness if you didnt want to but im telling you being a preferred customer alone will make a great change, and if you dont want to do this then there is someone that you know in sure that would love to do this as a business, or just a preferred customer, after all health is more important than having toxic chemicals in a home that can ruin lives.

there is a 35 product point monthly commitment but if you are not able to do that(which i am hopiing you can) then there will be a back up order(which i hope you never get) that will be sent to you. but you have to pay the balance off of the back up order before you place your next months order. SO IF YOU DECIDE TO DO THIS I CAN DO A ONLINE ENROLMENT ALL I WOULD NEED IS YOUR NAME(FIRST,MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST) , ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS , DATE OF BIRTH, AND IF YOU JUST WANT TO BE A PREFERRED CUSTOMER OR IF YOU WANT TO WORK THE BUISNESS.PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME HANGING LET ME KNOW ASAP

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