Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The Official Bartering Site.Can you imagine world without money and if you can, Could you Survive?
The Bartering System Reborn Due to Recession

It Makes Excellent Financial Sense For Every Business

What is that you say. It is something we did before money, & you might want to learn how to do it again before Money and the Internet goes away. The Bartering System has been around all most as long as we have been around, so it is nothing new. What this site is about, is what it was like back in the day when we had no money, Plus so much more. Before Trains, Phones, & and all the other Technology we have, How do you think people got things, They built it, Grow it them self,s or Traded with the Neighbor. Today we have a advantage, we have Truck,s & Trains, We have Cell Phones & the Internet & in 2.5 Seconds we can get almost anything we want, Why the bartering system. Because I am Going To Teach you how it was like before money. How to save money, Heat your own Home. Why am I so different? You ask. Back in the Day Community,s got together, & did the buy swap and trade. So I added a Community Section So you can start your own Community Event, Bring People from out of Town. Make Money for your Town.

Come Together Right now over me

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